Quality control

All material is duly inspected and reviewed by our quality team before delivery to the customer.


We also have a team specialized in export documentation and contracts with the main shipowners and export agents to be able to support our clients throughout the purchase process.

Delivery quality

Our packaging is made with high quality certified wood and complies with international standards.

Products checked and shipped


Material requests




Constructions Provided


Raw material quality samples


C. Mata Export-Mármores e Granitos, Lda is a renowned company in the ornamental stone sector, considered a leader in the natural stone processing and marketing market for more than 45 years. It currently belongs to Mármores Rosal lda, with its own quarries in Moca Creme, Rosal Cabeça Veada and other limestones.

The activity of both companies extends from the extraction of stone blocks for their transformation factories and the sale of sheet metal, tiles and other products for construction projects. Our mission is to transform the stone industry, using the best technology with respect for the environment and thus serving our customers with professionalism, competence and efficiency, providing them with excellent products that increase their business.

If you are interested in our work, do not hesitate to consult our catalog in PDF format!