Our company has Material in stock of very good quality, with very competitive prices.

Marble Polished. Open Book.Measures: slabs 2.65x140x2cm:222 m2 Price:65 euros for m2 .

Marble Ruivina.Portugal.Measures: 3.10x1,85x2cm-275m2:Price 34 euros for m2.

Marble Estremoz (Beige Light).Measures:40.2x30,5x1.1cm:Price 45 euros for m2

Limestone(Azul Valverde).Measures:30.5x30.5x1cm and 20x20x1cm: price 16 euros

Limestone(Azul Valverde).Measures:Free Complement up to 96cm x30.5 at 1 cm:Price 23 euros for m2.